I started this blog as a project to document some of the research I have been conducting for the last couple of years. I work in the security field and more specifically targeting malware. During my day job I work as a security engineer where I use my development skills to automate processes relating to malware triage and incident response.

After hours I spend the majority of my time researching malware. I quickly noticed when I got into the field that scale isn't really considered when it comes to malware. Everything is done for singular samples rather than targeting the overarching malware family. This is where I decided I would focus my efforts in the field. Malware analysis at scale. This means family yara rules, inter family clustering, looking at various versions of the malware, and automated tooling all for the purpose of eradicating entire malware families.

You may reach out to me at [email protected] and @myrtus0x0 on twitter.